Training courses

Knowledge transfer in practice

If you have decided to improve your management skills, practical training solutions will be useful for you

Our formula for success

Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.

/Bertrand Russell/

Andris Balodis
FORCEO lead consultant

Before training agree  the goals and results to be achieved.

In training we combine theory and practice, bringing the problems and situations to be solved to the real ones as close as possible.

After the training, we provide feedback on the level of involvement of participants and the acquired skills.

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Project management

By far the most popular FORCEO training course. It is designed to refresh the most important aspects of project management within two days and provide the project manager with practical tools to achieve the project goal within the set timeframe and at the lowest cost. In the training real projects are being worked on.

Process management

The training course is designed to refresh the most important aspects of process management within two days and provide participants with practical tools to achieve the best results.

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Goal setting – how to build Strategy

By setting right goals managers can easily and timely change the whole organization. Setting appropriate goals is neither a quick nor a simple process, so this is one of the most important skill of the manager. The training course is based on the unique FORCEO goal setting methodology, which is approbated in practical strategic planning sessions for business and public sector organizations

Change management

The training course increases the readiness and ability of participants (team) to act in situations of change, directing the organization towards achieving strategic goals.

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Lead as a businessman!

The training course is designed for experienced middle level managers to encourage them to think and act as business owners . The course contains methods tested in consultation practice to achieve the best result.


From a specialist to manager

The training course is designed for newly nominated managers with no previous experience in managing people. The aim of the training is to quickly develop management skills and give effective working methods to participants.

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Ask a question

How to start a consultation project?

How to make change happen? Do not waste your to fight the old, but to build a new one! Define the problem or future state to be achieved as a poont for starting a conversation.

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How to define Key Performance Indicators

You can’t improve what can’t be measured – that’s what quality management guru E.Deming has said. In this training course we go through design of KPI and  analysis of the process data.  The methods for problem solving and process improvements are discussed

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Mācību kurss apskata moderno vadības sistēmu pielietošanu Latvijas uzņēmumos. Kurss paredzēts tiem uzņēmumiem, kas pamatos ir sakārtojuši savus procesus un vēlas virzīties operacionālās izcilības virzienā. Īpaši piemērots ražošanas uzņēmumiem ar darbinieku skaitu virs 50.


The training course covers topics about implementation of modern management systems in Latvian companies. The course is intended for those companies that want to move towards operational excellence. Especially course is suitable for manufacturing companies with an employee count above 50.

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Financial literacy for managers

Financial literacy is an essential skill of modern managers. In situations where a decision is to be taken to start a new cooperation, to grant credit lines or deferrals, it is essential to be able to “read” the balance sheet and profit/loss analysis. The training course fully covers the issues necessary for the manager to make daily decisions.

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