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Interim Management

Interim Management

One of the most powerful management consulting tools on the FORCEO product portfolio

Interim Management means temporary involvement of external experts in the day-to-day work of an organization. Such expert can lead the entire company or any of its functions during a change or crisis. External experts are experienced managers who are able to quickly “jump” into the work of the organization and achieve the goals within the agreed deadline. An interim manager is an appropriate solution in situations where it is necessary to act immediately – to overcome specific challenges, successfully implement of the project or fill the vacancy until a suitable performer has been found.

Most often, an interim manager is hired in situations when such a person is needed temporary as well as when there is simply no such competence in the company. Interim managers are most often attracted for a period of up to 12 months. There are cases when a special role or position is created for the interim manager. 

Three reasons to choose an interim manager

The result is not caused by a perfect strategy or product. The result is created by work!

New Strategy

If a different result is to be achieved, different thinking is needed. When working in times of crisis or significantly changing the business strategy, the interim manager is a good choice if you need to develop and execute a quick and precise plan.

Lack of competence

In a situation where it is necessary to quickly fill one of the important management roles of the company. (Chairman of the Board, Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Operational Officer. etc.). ​

Change project

In situations where it is necessary to execute a project of significant changes, but the company does not have such competence.

Benefits of attracting interim managers

The best advice is to set an example!


Interim manager may start work next week. The time factor can be important in a crisis situation.

Knowledge and Experience

Interim managers often have higher competence than is necessary for the work they will be hired. This allows them to be productive from the first day of work. No "test period" is required.

Objectivity and Independence

Interim managers are not involved in internal conflicts or "turf wars", so it is easy for them to communicate their vision and be objective, unobtrused to the pressures arising from ingrained habits.

Professionalism and Dedication

Interim managers are not just advice givers. They are active initiators and participants of change. It is important for them to achieve a result because success of failure has a direct impact on the reputation.

How to hire Interim manager?

Interim manager life cycle in the company consists of 3 stages


Diagnosis of the situation

Together with the company the problem is defined. After that evaluation takes place, where FORCEO obtains direct information about the situation in the company and the problems to be solved. After such evaluation, a report and working plan are prepared, which contain the results to be achieved and the tasks to be performed, as well as the recommended Interim managers.  





When a common understanding of the situation and its solutions is reached, an agreement is signed and the Interim manager starts work. The work is carried out according to the agreed plan and a progress report is provided once a month.



Exit project

When the agreed term of the contract draws to a close, the transfer of knowledge to the person who will perform this role in the future is implemented. The Interim manager usually engages directly in the selection of a successor and their work in the final stage takes place together. After the end of the project, an analysis of the project progress and recommendations for further activities is prepared.