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Functional audit

Functional audit is company evaluation process, within which the owners or board of the company obtain structured answers on stated questions. This is the fastest way to look at the company and find the root cause of problems and opportunities for improvement

Management consulting​

From problem to solution​

Functional audit

Correct naming of the problem is a first step in its successful solution

Restructure the company

Reforms starts when the money comes to an end!

Reputation audit

If you will not listen to your customers, someone else will do it

Interim Management

Delivery of experienced executives to implement changes


Strategy planning

Planning a strategy always sounds exciting. Such planning is usually a joint effort of managers (board or management team) and does not always go smoothly and as intended. Our experts will help you go through this process quickly and effectively. Want efficient organization – lets start with strategy!

Knowledge transfer in practice

If you have decided to improve your management skills, try to benefit from our practical training solutions.


Training programmes

  • Project management
  • Process management
  • Goal setting – how to build Strategy
  • Change management
  • Lead as a businessman!
  • From a specialist to manager
  • How to define Key Performance Indicators
  • Lean, Six Sigma, TOC

Our strenghts

We are building systems that constantly deliver results and create a healthy environment for employees

Identifying opportunities

Ability to view a company as a system and to quickly diagnose source problem


Experience in various industries that allows to transfer / benchmark the most successful solutions


Modern integrated solutions - development projects in conjunction with appropriate management training

FORCEO is an expert association united by the idea that management is a full-time, complex job. The daily tension and responsibility of the leaders of organizations forces from time to time to ask for a “view from the outside” and then they choose us. We work mostly with boards, executive directors and function directors. In our work we focus on systemic solutions, so our clients are usually organizations with an employee count above 50. 

Most often we work on complex improvement projects, which we start with initial assessment (functional audit), followed by recommendations for improvement. We use our own evaluation methodology, which you can learn more about by looking at our video blog.

The development of strategies for organisations in different sectors is a our second most popular service. We have developed a unique “targeting” methodology to formulate strategy in fast and meaningfull manner. 

We regularly carry out the assessments of managers according to their compliance with the level they are nominated. Provide training and mentoring if necessary. We believe that a company cannot be better than its managers.

Considering that a modern company is unthinkable without IT tools for management, we used to carry out the definition of requirements for IT systems (process models, system architecture, specifications for developers etc.). 

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How to start a consultation project?

How to make change happen? Do not waste your to fight the old, but to build a new one! Define the problem or future state to be achieved as a point for starting a conversation.