Planning and control


Strategy planning

Planning a strategy always sounds exciting. Such planning is usually a joint effort of managers (board or management team) and does not always go smoothly and as intended. Our experts will help you go through this process quickly and effectively. Want efficient organization – lets start with strategy!

Facilitation of strategy planning

Strategic planning is about getting agreement on the goals to be achieved by the company. There are few good reasons to invite a strategy planning facilitator. Facilitator helps to plan the event, so all goes smoothly and effective. It put all the efforts on facilitator – preparing for planning, managing discussions, time control and write-down of results. It allows management team fully engage in mind sharing, creativity and constructive discussions. We take care for all the rest!

When to perform Strategy planning:

  • before approving financial budgets
  • in case of significant external threats or opportunities
  • at least once a year in order to allign the strategic direction of development of the company.

Before strategic planning, the facilitator make preparation work – together with the management team create an planning session structure, recommend the participants to be invited and plan the agenda. During the session the facilitator realise agreed agenda and makes recommendations in the formulation of the goals.

Strategy planning can be combined with the team building activities. We can arrange that kind session as well. During the planning, participants are encouraged to cover important  personal aspects in team work – such as mutual trust and respect, empathy, creativity etc. 


How to improve your meetings?

One of the signs of an inefficient management teams is – too much time is spent in meetings! Is this also a problem in your company?

Project planning facilitation

In the case of important projects (transformation, construction, IT projects, etc.) and in situations where the organisation does not have a full time, professional project manager, it is possible to make significant mistakes already in planning phase. High-quality planning is the most important factor for the successful implementation of any project. We offer assistance in planning such projects, which include activity planning, resource planning, risk assessment and development of project control system.

Meeting facilitation

A purposeful conversation saves time and the nerves of participants. In situations where there are opposing opinions in a group or emotions prevail, it is worth bringing in the facilitator. Often a person from the outside is able to mobilize the group for a joint conversation in a short time and impassionedly lead it to the planned result.