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Strategy stress test

If the engineer wants to test how well the machine is designed, he increase the load on it and observes result. Idea of strategy stress test is about the same - iis custome made methodology to evaluate the probability of success if company continue with existing strategy, processes and organisational structure. The result of stress test is written report with estimation of probability to achieve declared strategy, taking into account existing processes, structures, control systems and employees motivation.

How is Strategy stress test performed?

The goal stress test is conducted in a way of structured discussion. Company's managers are chalannged by asking them specific questions and the team should prepare answers. There is a limited time to prepare responses but group can use any information that is available. The responses given by the management team for each aspect are ranked from 1 to 5, indicating the quality of the proposed answer. After all the questions, all ratings are summarized in a written report. Each answer has a comment and suggestions for improvement.