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Strategy planning sessions

Good strategy planning allows to assess the company's future development scenarios and determine the priorities for the next period, the goals to be achieved and the tasks to be performed. Current speed of changes no longer allows us to talk about long-term planning. Everyday tasks consumes so much time and energy that it is hard to stop, look at what's going on and ask yourself - why we do this? Activities that do not meet the company's goals are not only in vain but harmful to the company as a whole! Strategy planning sessions is worthwile to hold:

- Before drawing up and approving the financial budgets
- In case of significant external threats or opportunities
- At least once a year to adjust the company's strategic direction.

Strategy planning is a complex event and it is important to properly prepare for it. Our experience has shown that the person who lead planning session can not participate in the brainstorming process itself, because it is necessary to follow the sequence of work, conduct discussions, record results, control time, etc. If you want to focus on the planning and involve all team members to that it is worth to assign for the moderator.

The task of the Moderator is to analyze initial information, to organize the process of planning and summarize session results. Before planning session we analize existing strategy, financial and operational data for past 3-5 years. After then planning session agenda is prepared and executed.