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About strategy

There are many definitions of term „strategy“, but in simple words it is about Goals. But this is not so simple, because goals are linked in hierarchy and there is a great mess in terminology and understanding how to use ones. Any organization has a goals and purposefulness, because every employee has one! Similarly, as a captain determines the ship's course, the company's CEO should determine the direction of the company's development. Only if the goals and objective are well-suited to the market situation it is possible to build an efficient organization.  

In our management system goals are of three main forces that founds organization. In every organisation there is a set of goals from very abstract like company purpose or till very precise, like „bake 3 cakes“. Goals are different for each hierarchical level and can differ from person to person. The purpose of strategy is to make clear and understandable system to manage those goals. Strategy is like glue, that keeps the goals together.

To help organisations be succesfull with strategy planning and execution, our clients entrust us to make:

  • Strategy audits
  • Moderation of goal setting sessions for management teams
  • Develop individual goals from companys strategy
  • Develop incentive / motivation systems 

FORCEO  provides strategic counseling and proven methodologies for business executives who want to increase the efficiency of an organization.